SUNTORY All-Free Lime Short 350ml

350 g
10.25 MYR

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  • Not only alcohol, calories * , sugar * , purine ** also zero.
  • Therefore, you can enjoy delicious beer taste at any time without worrying about anything.

"All Free " is a refreshing non-alcoholic beer-taste beverage that allows you to enjoy the "flavor of beer" with the flavor of lime.By increasing the carbon dioxide pressure and lime feeling, it has evolved into a more refreshing taste.Using 100% grain-selected malt and 100% aroma hops, and using 100% natural water, the characteristics of the material are enhanced.The fresh scent of squeezed lime and the refreshing stimulus are perfect for refreshing after a light sweat.


The package is designed with an impressive and dynamic bottle to express the refreshing taste with the scent of lime.


Non Alcohol Beer Drink, 350ml