SUGI BEE GARDEN Pickles Ginger In Honey 280g

300 g
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 SUGI BEE GARDEN Ginger In Honey 

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*Apple Vinegar is used for this product to retain the quality.

*Pure honey might crystalize depending on its type of flower and the temperature of storage. The phenomenon does not affect the quality. T
he white crystal is also enjoyable. Please be at ease and enjoy the natural flavor. If you prefer to taste smooth honey, please take the amount needed and water-bath it in 40-42 degree hot water.

*The actual product might have a different color from the product photo. Label design might change but content remains the same.

*Honey is a natural product. Please do not feed to infants below 1 year old.
Ingredients Honey, Ginger, Apple vinegar
Nutrition facts Nutrition facts (per 100 g):
Energy:233kcal, Protein:0.2g , Fat:0.1g, Carbohydrates:57.8g, Sodium:3mg (Salt equivalent:0.01g)
Allergy Information Apple
*If you have food allergies, please do not use this product. (Those equivalent specific raw materials.)