POPONUTS Otsumame Kazoku Mix Beans 80g 4976757110612

80 g
7.90 MYR

POPONUTS Otsumame Kazoku Mix Beans 80g



Peanuts, wheat flour, cold plum flour, green peas, one-sided sardines, sugar, waxy constarch, shrimp flour, soy sauce, starch decomposition products, vegetable fats and oils, salt, chopped squid, sesame seeds, glue, chili peppers, kosho, maltose, starch syrup, seasonings (amino acids) Etc.), processed starch, colorants (red 3, yellow 4, yellow 5, blue 1, caramel pigment, annatto pigment), swelling agents, fragrances, (some of the raw materials include soy sauce and seafood)