ORIHIRO Purun To Konnyaku Grape Jelly 20gx6p

120 g
7.45 MYR

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full-fledged diet in summer! delicious, non-calorie jelly with grape flavor

It is a safe and secure form of jelly that can prevent inhalation, which is common in conventional cup-type jelly.
- By devising the form of Puru Puru delicious Konja jelly, it has become a delicious Konja jelly while maintaining the conventional texture.
-Although it is delicious, it has a zero-calorie grape flavor and has a deliciousness, and it is finished as a non-calorie jelly. Even those who are on a diet can eat without worrying about calories.
-This product is a delicious and easy petite size 0 kcaL Konja jelly. In the form of anti-inhalation, anyone can easily enjoy it. Please enjoy it as a quick snack when you are hungry.