MARUMIYA Noritama Furikake 28g

500 g
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 MARUMIYA Noritama Furikake 28g


The exquisite balance of carefully selected seaweed and fluffy eggs.

The Noritama furikake is an exquisite kind of furikake with a great balance of nori (dried edible seaweed) and egg. The highlight of this furikake is how it lets you enjoy the deep flavors of two different types of egg – large, plump egg slices and small, crunchy egg granules. It is also fused with flaked mackerel, nori and many other ingredients, making you feel like you are eating breakfast at a Japanese inn.
  Ingredients :  Sesame, egg, sugar, flour, lactose, salt, soy products, seaweed, pureed, bonito mackerel, margarine, palm oil, seaweed calcium, extract (chicken, bonito, shellfish, yeast), chicken, starch, chicken fat, skim milk powder, soy sauce, powdered vegetable protein,
Matcha green tea, AOSA, fructose, egg yolk oil, East, Mirin, rapeseed oil, butter, soybean oil, seasoning (amino acid), carotenoid pigments, antioxidants (vitamin E) .  

How to eat : Just sprinkle on cooked rice !