ITOEN Jujitsu Yasai Ryokuoushoku Yasai 930g

930 g
18.75 MYR

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A vegetable / fruit mixed beverage that uses 20 kinds of vegetables , mainly carrots, and 5 kinds of fruits , mainly apples, so that even people who are not good at vegetables can drink deliciously. You can take plenty of "β-carotene", which is good for beauty and health, derived from vegetables. This time, we increased the amount of roughened "carrot puree" to improve the richness and finish it with a more satisfying taste. We have adopted an "environmentally friendly ECO bottle".

20 kinds of vegetables: carrot, colored sweet pepper, lettuce, red pepper, green beans, kale, pepper, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, celery, asparagus, pumpkin, Japanese mustard spinach, tomorrow, parsley, creson, cabbage, radish, spinach, trefoil

5 kinds of fruits: apple, lemon, grape, acerola, orange