GINBIS Edamame Non Fry Yaki 4Ren 52g

52 g
8.75 MYR

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the blue soybeans are kneaded and finished so that you can feel the flavor of soybeans.
it is a fun product that makes you imagine real edamame in both shape and color.
with a crispy texture, it is delicious that pulls back.
i used an oven and baked it non-fry.
the edamame with the net sold at the fresh sale floor attracts attention with the design that looks like it is lined up in the confectionery department as it is.
both women who are attracted to "edamame" with a healthy feeling and men who respond to "edamame" as a knob of beer can aim as targets.
it is the perfect product for the edamame season and the spring and summer season when beer is advancing.