Fruit Kudamonoyasan Hokkaido Melon 160g 4955129025204

160 g
7.00 MYR

Fruit Kudamonoyasan Hokkaido Melon 160g

 Barcode: 4955129025204

Hokkaido Melon jelly

Ingredients Sugar/Glucose-Fructose, Starch Syrup, Melon Puree(from Hokkaido), Vegetable fats products (including milk), Alcohol, Agar, Gellants, Vitamin C, Acidulant, Flavors, Emulsifier, Paprica Color, Vegetable Color

Net Wt. 160g

Expiration Date 10 months from Date of Production (if Unopened)

Storage Conditions Store away from direct sunlight in a cool location with low humidity.

Nutritional Facts (Estimates) (Per 160 g container) Calories: 102kcal, Protein: 0g, Fat: 0g, Carbohydretes: 25.9g, Salt: 0.2g

Allergens Milk