DAISHO Umakara Aka Nabe Soup 750g

750 g
19.50 MYR

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It is a hot pot soup that is mellowly finished with sanon tou and honey by adding the spicy spiciness of red pepper and the taste of fish sauce, dried bonito and kelp to the rich taste of doubanjiang and gochujang.

You can enjoy a full-scale hot pot just by adding your favorite ingredients such as meat and vegetables and boiling.

Miso (domestic production), amino acid solution, doubanjiang, sanon tou, fructose grape sugar solution, gochujang, soy sauce, processed garlic, honey, brewed vinegar, salt, fish sauce (fish and shellfish), red pepper, dried bonito, konbu extract , Niboshi extract / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), paprika pigment, thickener (xanthan), sweetener (sucralose)