MARUKOME Koji Amazake LL Yuzu 125ml

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MARUKOME Koji Amazake LL Yuzu 125ml (Rice Water)


Product details of MARUKOME Koji Amazake LL Yuzu 125ml (Rice Water) 125ml

  • A nutritious beverage that is the traditional rice-based Japanese fermented 100%.
  • This drink Amazake contains no alcohol.



A combination of the yuzu (Citrus junos), and koji amazake, which is naturally sweet as a result of breaking down the starches in rice and rice koji.

Uses yuzu from Umaji, Kochi Prefecture. Enjoy the sweetness of amazake and the fresh tartness of yuzu.

Containing no added sugar and 0% alcohol, it’s easy even for small children to drink and a good way to prevent heat stroke.

With a straw included, it is quick and easy to drink for adults and children alike.



 Rice, rice koji, yuzu (Citrus junos) juice, salt


Storage: Cool and dry Place away from direct light.


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MARUKOME Koji Amazake LL 125ml